Photos of Flutes




Cherry with black walnut finger holes G# $ 275.00





Blue pine Mahogany finger holes Wood spirit G# $ 250.00









Yellow Heart aromatic cedar bird G# $ 200.00









Red Oak with Aromatic cedar wolf fetish F# $ 200.00






Pine drone deerskin lashing A $ 250.00





Tiger maple with flame box elder fetish G $ 295.00  SOLD



Mineral stain Poplar Drone Walnut with mahogany fetish A $ 275.00


Big Bore Flutes



Mahogany with black walnut ring and end cap. Bird red oak, mahogany, black walnut B  $ 295.00

Maple with black walnut wolf fetish C $ 275.00

Branch Flutes

Spalted plum branch fetish F $ 250.00



Juniper with brow tine G $ 200.00



Sweet gum Branch flute Eb $ 200.00



Doug fir with antler tip G $ 200.00

White pine antler G $ 200.00

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